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Jak użyć ESD? Definicja w konsoli sound-mixing daemon that allows multiple applications to access a.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć esd

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: esd [options]

Jak działa, co robi: Start the Enlightened Sound Daemon, also called EsounD, a sound-mixing daemon that allows multiple applications to access a single audio device at one time

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie: -d devicename

Use the specified device devicename. Some common sound devices are /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp2.


Play eight-bit sound.

-r rate

Specify the sample rate for the server.

-as n

After n seconds of inactivity, release the audio device. Set to -1 for "never."


Use UNIX domain sockets. Default is TCP/IP.


Use TCP/IP sockets. This is the default.


Allow remote systems to access the daemon over TCP/IP.


Disable authentication. Not recommended.


When last client exits, quit.


Do not beep when starting.


Beep when starting.


Allow esd to start even if the /tmp/.esd directory may be insecure.

-port n

Listen on TCP/IP port n.

-bind address

Bind to the TCP/IP address specified.

-v, --version

Print version information and quit.

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