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Jak użyć METAMAIL? Definicja w konsoli display rich text or multimedia email using MIME typing.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć metamail

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: metamail [options] [filename]

Jak działa, co robi: Normally invisible to users, metamail is used to send and display rich text or multimedia email using MIME typing metadata. Mail-reading programs normally call metamail to determine how to handle the data, but metamail can be called directly by developers who want to use it for their own mail software, or by system administrators and power users adding lines to their printcap files. Any argument passed to metamail that is not preceded by a hyphen (-) is assumed to be the name of a file to read. If no filename is specified, standard input is assumed

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie: -b

The message is not in RFC 822 format; treat as the body of the message. Requires -c.


Display the message in the background, if noninteractive. Cannot be used with -p or -P.

-c type

Use the specified content type instead of the one in the headers.


Don't ask before running an interpreter to view the message. The default is to ask.


Remove ("eat") leading newlines in the message body. Useful for MH-format mail.

-f addr

Specify the name of the message sender. The default is to try to determine the name from the header.


Specify that a message is to be printed. Automatically sets -d.

-m mailer

Specify the mail program that called metamail, for use by any interpreters that metamail calls.


If necessary, display the output one page at a time. The default is to pipe the output through more, but the environment variable METAMAIL_PAGER can be set to specify an alternative command. Use -p rather than piping the message to a pager.


Like -p, but also print "Press RETURN to go on" at the end of each page. Cannot be used with -B.


Run quietly.


Specify that metamail can be run as root.


Run /usr/ucb/reset to reset the terminal before performing any other I/O.

-s subject

Specify the Subject field. By default, the subject is determined from the headers.


Turn off the effect of the environment variable MM_TRANSPARENT. Intended to be used recursively by metamail, and should be used only when the program restarts itself in a terminal emulator window.


Don't consult a mailcap file to determine how to display the data, but simply decode each part and write to a file in its raw format (which might be binary). Depending on how metamail is called, the filename is determined from the message headers, by asking the user, or by generating a unique temporary filename.


Tell metamail that it is not running on a terminal. The environment variable MM_NOTTY can be set instead of specifying -x.


Try to "yank" a MIME-format message from the body of the message.


Delete the input file when done. This option requires a filename argument to metamail.

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