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Jak użyć METASEND? Definicja w konsoli email using MIME typing metadata. If no arguments are.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć metasend

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: metasend [options] [filename]

Jak działa, co robi: A largely developer-oriented interface for sending nontext email using MIME typing metadata. If no arguments are specified, metasend prompts the user for the information it needs. See mailto for a possible alternative with a friendlier interface

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie: -/ subtype

Specify the MIME multipart subtype other than mixed.


Batch mode. All information must be provided on the command line.

-c cc

Specify any CC addresses.

-D string

Specify a string to be used as the Content-description value.

-e encoding

Specify the encoding to use. Possible values are base64, quoted-printable, 7bit (no encoding is done), or x-uue.


The file to be included is already MIME-encoded and doesn't need any Content- or other header fields added.

-f file

The file to be included. If more than one file is specified with separate -f options (see -n), they are combined into a single multipart MIME object.

-F from

The From address.

-i content-id

The content ID value for the MIME entity. Must be a valid content ID enclosed in angle brackets (<>).

-I content-id

The content ID value for a multipart entity being created by metasend. Must be a valid content ID enclosed in angle brackets (<>).

-m type

The MIME content type.


Specify that an additional file is to be included. Must appear after one occurrence of at least -m, -c, and -f, and must be specified for each included file.

-o outfile

Send the output to the specified file instead of delivering as mail.

-P preamblefile

Specify a file containing alternative text for the preamble portion of a multipart MIME message.

-s subject

The Subject field.

-S splitsize

Specify the maximum size before the file is split into parts to be sent separately.

-t to

The To field.


Delete temporary files even if the send fails.

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