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ABAP definicja balance object. Co znaczy for the balance processing processes, in particular the.
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Definicja balance object

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Defines the processing level for the balance processing processes, in particular the object to be reported. It is used only in Balance Processing. It has an accounting object (AO) and takes on its defining characteristics.

A balance object (BO) has one or more balance subobjects (BSO) that contain the descriptive characteristics and key figures.

The level of detail (granularity) of a BO depends on the requirements of the financial statement. Its level of granularity is frequently the same as that of the AO, but the BO is more dependent upon the accounting system (thus for every accounting system there is a BO for the AO).

The system generates the BO using the "Generate Balance Object" step based on accounting objects generated in the master data transfer. The balance object types (BO types) set in Customizing serve as a template for creating balance objects. If this is configured for AO type/BO types, several BOs can be produced from one AO (balance object split). This split is used, for example, in separating the derivative and main part of a financial instrument. The splitting rules are based upon information from financial position objects (product with accounting) and FDB positions (product without accounting).

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