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ABAP definicja BI Java Connector. Co znaczy J2EE Connector Architecture)-compliant resource.
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Definicja BI Java Connector

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One of a set of four JCA (J2EE Connector Architecture)-compliant resource adapters that allow you to connect applications built with the BI Java SDK to heterogeneous data sources:

BI JDBC Connector (for relational JDBC-compliant data sources) BI ODBO Connector (for ODBO-compliant OLAP data sources) BI SAP Query Connector (a component of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server) BI XMLA Connector (for OLAP data sources such as SAP BW 3.x)

You can also use the Connectors to make external data sources available in BI systems, via UD Connect.

In the SDK, the term connector is synonymous with resource adapter.

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