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ABAP definicja BI XMLA Connector. Co znaczy Business Intelligence domain based on Microsoft's.
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Definicja BI XMLA Connector

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A resource adapter for the Business Intelligence domain based on Microsoft's XMLA (XML for Analysis), which facilitates Web services-based, platform-independent access to OLAP providers. The BI XMLA Connector may be deployed into SAP's NetWeaver Application Server, and enables the exchange of analytical data between a client application and a data provider working over the Web, using a SOAP-based XML communication API.

The BI XMLA Connector allows you to connect applications built with the BI Java SDK to data sources such as Microsoft Analysis Services, Hyperion, MicroStrategy, MIS, and BW 3.x.

You can also use the BI XMLA Connector to make these data sources available in BI systems via UD Connect.

The BI XMLA Connector implements the BI Java SDK's IBIOlap interface.

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