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ABAP definicja branching action. Co znaczy that returns values within the range of a predefined set.
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Definicja branching action

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A specific type of action that returns values within the range of a predefined set of values, called branching codes.

When agents use scripts, the value determined by this action navigates the user to the script step that is the target of the link associated with that value.


Your company sells life insurance, and you want to create a script that branches to two different questions, depending on the customer's age. You create a branching action that finds the age of the business partner in the system after agents confirm the account, and fits the age into one of two ranges: younger than 45, or 45 and above. You incorporate this branching action into the script by linking the range younger than 45 to question set A, and 45 and above to question set B.

When agents use this script, this branching action branches to the correct set of age-related questions, without the agent having to ask the customer's age.

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