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ABAP definicja broadcast messaging. Co znaczy managers to immediately broadcast information to.
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Definicja broadcast messaging

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A function that allows managers to immediately broadcast information to agents by sending out an electronic message that appears instantly on each agent's IC interface. Managers can create, preview, and send messages as well as activate or deactivate the display of their own incoming messages. Managers can also construct their own distribution lists for the messages they create.

In addition, managers can define rules within the system that trigger messages to be sent automatically. For example, the system could be customized to send and display an automatic greeting message when a call is answered.

Since broadcast messaging is based on single-direction communication, agents cannot create or send messages. However, they can personalize message display by altering the color, speed, or placement of the area where the message is displayed.

Broadcast messaging consists of the broadcast client and broadcast server.

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