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ABAP definicja brokerage (ICM). Co znaczy receives for the brokerage of business. The amount is.
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Definicja brokerage (ICM)

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Remuneration that a broker receives for the brokerage of business. The amount is specified for the broker, mostly a percentage or per mille value of the business that he or she brought. Free-lance brokers (stock exchange, insurance) do not usually have fixed brokerage rates - these are agreed upon individually for each case. The brokerage differs from the acquisition commission in that the same percentage of the contribution or another basis amount is paid yearly throughout the entire duration of the contract. This applies for as long as the contract is valid or the contract customer is paying contributions and the broker is managing the contract (in agreement with the sold-to party). Brokerage is remunerated for a period-based activity.


An insurance broker provides a life insurance. For this business, the broker receives a brokerage of 40%. If the contract is cancelled during the liability period, the broker must repay the relevant proportion of the brokerage.

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