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ABAP definicja Business Add-In. Co znaczy Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are the basis for enhancements.
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Definicja Business Add-In

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A template for BAdI objects.

Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are the basis for enhancements where BAdI methods in object plug-ins can be called from ABAP programs. The calling program controls which BAdI implementations are used by specifying filter values. A BAdI consists of a BAdI interface, a set of filters and some settings.

From Release 7.0, BAdIs are edited in the Enhancement Builder and reside in the global class namepsace. You can switch on their implementations via the Switch Framework.

There are also classic BAdIs, which are edited in the BAdI-Builder and superseded function module exits in Release 4.6.

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