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Definicja Business Intelligence cockpit

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A Web-based control panel with Business Intelligence content that provides the management of a company with an overview of all relevant business data.

You use the Business Explorer Web Application Designer to create individual BI cockpits, which display relevant data in tables, charts, or on maps. You can also add information to the business data by using documents, graphics, or hyperlinks.

BI cockpits provide the following options:

You can collect data from different data sources and display it in various ways (tables, charts, maps, and so on) You can use structured (content from BI) and unstructured (documents and so on) information to complement each other Personalized initial screen: Parameters are filled with user-specific values (for example, values relating to cost center or region) automatically Role-specific variants: Different BI cockpits for different roles

You can get an overview of business information in a similar way to when you scan the front page of a newspaper. You can run detailed requests by using user-friendly navigation elements such as hyperlinks, dropdown boxes, or pushbuttons.

You can save BI cockpits as iViews. These are fully integrated into the portal.

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