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ABAP definicja call horizon. Co znaczy how much time must pass after the start or completion.
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Definicja call horizon

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A percentage that determines how much time must pass after the start or completion confirmation date of a maintenance plan before the system creates a maintenance call object, for example, a maintenance order or a service entry sheet, for a calculated maintenance date (planned date).

If no current completion confirmation date is available, the last planned date is used as a starting date for calculating the call date for the maintenance call objects.


If the duration of the cycle is 250 days and the call horizon is 0 %, 80%, or 100%, the system creates the order after the following number of days:

0% -> Immediate call 80% -> Call after 200 days, that is 80% of 250 days 100% -> Call after 250 days, on the planned date

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