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ABAP definicja campaign planning (SCM-APO-PPS). Co znaczy with the main aim of reducing the storage.
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Definicja campaign planning (SCM-APO-PPS)

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Production planning process with the main aim of reducing the storage costs and setup costs for products manufactured in-house.

The process starts with medium- to long-term lot size planning in Supply Network Planning (SNP). The results of SNP planning are then transferred to PP/DS, where they serve as a basis for short-term planning.

The orders created in PP/DS can automatically be combined into production campaigns by the PP/DS campaign optimizer. To adjust the results from the campaign optimizer, campaigns can afterwards be scheduled manually in the detailed scheduling planning board.

When planning has been completed, the PP/DS campaigns are transferred to the ERP or R/3 system for processing. Cost distribution and allocation can also be executed there.

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