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ABAP definicja care provided by substitute. Co znaczy need of care by a substitute if the normal.
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Definicja care provided by substitute

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Care given to a person in need of care by a substitute if the normal caregiver is temporarily incapacitated.

If the normal caregiver is incapacitated because of vacation, illness, or other reasons, the care insurance pays the costs for care provided by a substitute for a maximum of four weeks per year. Prerequisite: The normal caregiver has cared for the person in need of care for at least twelve months in their normal home environment before the caregiver is incapacitated for the first time.

The costs paid by the care insurance must not exceed a certain amount per calender year in each individual case (2003: EUR 1,432).

In contrast to respite care, care is provided in the home environment of the person in need of care.

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