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ABAP definicja category (CRM-MD). Co znaczy possible to group together products by different.
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Definicja category (CRM-MD)

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Product categories make it possible to group together products by different criteria. Product categories are in turn grouped together in category hierarchies.

Products can be assigned to one or more product categories, but to only one product category per category hierarchy. If you want to assign a product to more than one product category, you must therefore have more than one category hierarchy.

The product category defines which set types are allowed for a product. If a product is assigned to more than one product category, all set types for the categories to which the product is assigned are allowed for the product.


You define the product category "Monitor". Each monitor has the attributes "Screen Diagonal" and "Refresh Frequency". You assign these attributes to the set type "Technical Data" and assign the set type to the product category "Monitor". As a result, you can maintain values (such as 21", 100 Hz) for each product assigned to the product category "Monitor".

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