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ABAP definicja certificate of origin (SD-FT). Co znaczy an exporter identifies his origin of his.
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Definicja certificate of origin (SD-FT)

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A formal certificate in which an exporter identifies his origin of his good, and the accuracy of information given has been confirmed by customs authorities.

In cases where goods have been processed in several countries, the good is considered to originate from the last country in which it underwent a significant amount of processing

Issue of the certificate is dependent on the importing country and takes place on forms that vary according to the country of origin.

In the United States of America, a 'Certificate of Origin' is required. In industrial countries such as Australia, Canada or EU Member States, the certificate of origin 'Form A' is necessary for goods from developing countries which are entered in the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). In the EU, the movement certificate EUR.1 serves as a valid certificate of origin. The form EUR.1 is a movement certificate now only by name.

The movement certificate A.TR renders goods eligible for preferential tariff treatment but is not a certificate of origin and does not serve as one.

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