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Definicja change of insurer certificate

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The insurance company is authorized to issue a certification of the following data when ending an insurance contract for auto liability or fully comprehensive auto insurance, and to pass it on to the subsequent insurer if requested:

The vehicle type and the usage category The start and end of the contract The claim-free discount status reached, expressed by the discount base year The number of claims and suspensions that have not yet affected the claim-free discount status In auto liability insurance, if requested by the subsequent insurer: The data listed in § 5 section 7 of German insurance law. Whether a certificate with number 1 - 6 has already been issued to the policyholder, and also the subsequent insurer to which such a certificate was issued.

The transfer of the data listed in numbers 1 - 5 means that the insurer has fulfilled the obligation as listed in the compulsory insurance law: Unless the policyholder demands named certification as outlined in § 5 section 7 of German insurance law. The insurer is authorized to query the data listed under numbers 1 to 6 from the previous insurer.

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