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ABAP definicja date type (SCM-APO-ATP). Co znaczy date types exist: Unloading date (ELDAT) Delivery.
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Definicja date type (SCM-APO-ATP)

Co znaczy:

A type of date.

The following date types exist:

Unloading date (ELDAT) Delivery date (LFDAT) Goods issue date (WADAT) Loading date (LDDAT) Material availability date (MBDAT) Transportation planning date (TDDAT)

Together with date and time (or time stamp), the date type is required to inform scheduling with which date it must start and which dates it still has to calculate.

For example, if you call scheduling with the date type delivery date, scheduling still has to calculate the following dates: Unloading date, goods issue date, loading date, material availability date, and transportation planning date.

Date, time, time zone (or time stamp), and date type combine to form a date.

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