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ABAP definicja days' supply (SCM-APO-PPS). Co znaczy falls below zero. In APO, you are able to.
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Definicja days' supply (SCM-APO-PPS)

Co znaczy:

Period of time until stock falls below zero.

In APO, you are able to define exactly which categories of stock, receipts, forecasts and requirements are to be taken into account by the system when calculating days' supply. This definition of exactly which categories are to be included in the calculation is referred to as a days' supply type. The system can calculate up to three different days' supply types when you call up the Product view or the Alert Monitor. Days' supply is calculated for each pegging area. The days' supply can for example be specified in seconds, days or weeks.

If the demand is zero, the days' supply is calculated as 9999. If stock is zero and there are still requirements to be covered, the days' supply is negative.

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