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ABAP definicja distribution center (IS-AFS-SD). Co znaczy a customer is authorized to receive goods.
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Definicja distribution center (IS-AFS-SD)

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Special partner role in which a customer is authorized to receive goods for a large number of stores that are either directly inferior to that customer or are inferior to the customer's superior corporation.

Delivering the goods to a distribution center first before delivering to the actual ship-to parties frequently serves to be able to carry out uniform value-added services for all the materials, independent of the ship-to party. In this process, the distribution center receives the goods already flagged for each final receiving store.


In the function of an MSO sold-to party, a corporation orders various materials it wants to sell in all of its stores. The stores are to receive all the materials already flagged with a company label. The total delivery should therefore first go to a special distribution center. The distribution center receives the goods already flagged for further shipping to the respective stores. This ensures that the goods are in the distribution center only for a short period of time, and that the stores receive the materials in exactly the quantities the corporation had specified in the order.

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