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ABAP definicja economic profit. Co znaczy period key figure that measures the return on an.
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Definicja economic profit

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Economic Profit is a single-period key figure that measures the return on an investment.

Methods of calculation:

using the Capital Charge method:

Economic Profit = NOPAT - WACC * invested capital

using the Value Spread method:

Economic Profit = (ROCE - WACC) * invested capital, where...

NOPAT = Net Operating Profit after Tax

WACC = Weighted Average Cost of Capital; weighted by equity and liabilities taking the risk into account)

ROCE = Return on Capital Employed (realisierte Rendite)

= NOPAT / invested capital

From the shareholder point of view, the investment in an enterprise is value-added as long as the realized return is greater than the cost of the invested equity and liability.

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