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ABAP definicja element type (BC-SRV-RM). Co znaczy An element type is the starting point for a user.
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Definicja element type (BC-SRV-RM)

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A group of similar elements.

An element type is the starting point for a user when checking new elements into Records Management or when searching for elements.

On a technical level, an element type is a set of elements of a service provider. You can only use a service provider if you have created at least one element type in this service provider. Each element type belongs to only one service provider, but a service provider can contain any number of element types. Element types are created in Customizing according to customer-specific requirements.

Element types have the following functions:

When entering an element, you do not have to make any technical entries (such as RFC destination), because these are already defined for the element type in Customizing. You only need to select the appropriate element type. You can predefine the structure of your records by assigning element types to nodes in the record model.

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