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ABAP definicja loan-to-value ratio. Co znaczy that collateral agreements, receivables, or prior.
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Definicja loan-to-value ratio

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Measurement of the charges that collateral agreements, receivables, or prior charges place on an object used as collateral.

The loan-to-value ratio is calculated seperately for the charges placed on the object by collateral agreements, receivables, and prior charges. Each of these loan-to-value ratios is calculated separately for the maximal risk and the current risk, and is displayed as an absolute value and as a relative value for each. The absolute value equals the sum of all charges on the object, the relative value is the ratio between the absolute value and the lending value of the object.


Lending value: EUR 250,000

Sum of charges on the object: EUR 150,000

Loan-to-value ratio:

Absolute value: EUR 150,000

Relative value: 60%

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