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ABAP definicja partner team. Co znaczy organizations which you specify in documents on a project.
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Definicja partner team

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A group of individuals or organizations which you specify in documents on a project-specific, or even document-specific, basis. Teams, like the buying center in Opportunity Management, help you plan sales strategies by keeping track of who is involved in a project, either on your side or your customer's side, and of what roles these people have. Because this information is document- or project-specific, it has no effect on master data for business partners.

Once you have specified who is on a team, you can define relationships between team members, such as "A advises B", assign characteristics to the members and to the relationships themselves, and rate the characteristics. For example, "influence on the budget" could be a characteristic assigned to a team member, and the rating could be "little", "some" or "a lot".

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