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ABAP definicja piecework wage (PY). Co znaczy Unlike time wages, remuneration is effected for.
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Definicja piecework wage (PY)

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Type of incentive wage.

Unlike time wages, remuneration is effected for quantities produced irrespective of the working time required to make them.

There are three types of piecework wage:

Piecerate work (rare)

A fixed amount is paid for each unit that is produced.

Quantity-based piecerate work (rare)

A target quantity is specified for each unit of time.

Time-based piecerate work (common)

Remuneration is effected in proportion to the quantity produced, but the quantity is not used directly to calculate the amount paid. Instead, remuneration is based on the fixed standard time rather than on the time that was actually required to produce the quantity.

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