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ABAP definicja sales manager (SRM-SUP). Co znaczy within the supplier organization. The sales.
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Definicja sales manager (SRM-SUP)

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Role assigned to employees within the supplier organization.

The sales manager is concerned with the overall business relationship with the purchasing organization; he receives the RFQ invitation along with the proposal for design collaboration.

The sales manager is responsible for the commercial part of the RFQ and for creating shipping confirmations and invoices. He monitors purchase orders, bid invitations, contract statuses, and reports that provide detailed information about deliveries and invoices.

The sales manager has read-only access into the design collaboration process, to view RFQs, receive and respond to purchase orders, search for pending invoices, check on unpaid invoices, and participate in invoice dispute resolution.

The sales manager displays, enters, or changes business datain the Supplier Portal and collaborates with the purchasing organization.

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