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ABAP definicja Sales & Operations Planning. Co znaczy tool for setting targets for sales.
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Definicja Sales & Operations Planning

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A forecasting and planning tool for setting targets for sales, production, and other supply chains based on historical, current, or estimated data.

Resource planning can be performed to determine work center capacities and other resources required to meet targets.

SOP supports high-level planning of complex planning hierarchies and detailed planning of finished products. A top-down or a bottom-up approach to planning is possible. The system can be configured so that target values set at one organizational level are distributed (aggregated and disaggregated) automatically to all other organizational levels in the hierarchy, for example, to all distribution channels, materials, and plants in a sales organization, or so that each level is planned separately.

Sales ; Operations Planning includes: standard SOP and flexible planning. Standard SOP comes preconfigured with the system. Flexible planning offers options for customized configuration. Planning in standard SOP is based on product group hierarchies and is performed level by level. Flexible planning is performed on hierarchies containing chosen organizational levels, for example, sales organization, distribution channel, material, and plant. In flexible planning, users can define the content and layout of planning screens.

The component can run in a distributed environment using Application Link Enabling (ALE).

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