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ABAP definicja sales-order-related production. Co znaczy a product is manufactured specially for a.
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Definicja sales-order-related production

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A type of production in which a product is manufactured specially for a specific customer.

Sales-order-related production has two subcategories: mass production based on sales orders, and complex make-to-order production.

If you use sales order-related production, you can choose to work with a valuated or an unvaluated sales order stock:

With a valuated sales order stock, all goods movements are reflected by inventory postings in Financial Accounting. With an unvaluated sales order stock, you determine the inventory value at the end of the period using results analysis.

The following cost management approaches are available in sales-order-related production, depending on the type of business processing involved:

Cost management at the level of individual sales document items (Product Cost by Sales Order) Cost management at the level of orders (Product Cost by Order) or periods (Product Cost by Period)

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