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ABAP definicja sales price calculation. Co znaczy enables you to calculate sales prices for the.
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Definicja sales price calculation

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Function in Pricing that enables you to calculate sales prices for the materials that are carried by a retail company in different steps of the value chain, and to store them as condition records in the system.

Calculating sales prices for materials is arranged according to the usual order of goods flow in retailing. Thus, the two main elements of sales price calculation are:

Determining purchase prices (purchase price determination) Determining sales prices (sales price determination)

The margin is also calculated as a characteristic key figure for the relationship between sales and purchase price. Various different procedures are used for determining sales and purchase prices. The sales price can, for example, be calculated from the purchase price using a planned markup; it can, however, also be derived from competitor prices.

The sales price calculation function also allows mass maintenance of conditions. Sales price calculations can be performed for a range of materials and organizational levels. The different organizational levels here, for example stores and distribution centers, represent the various steps in the value chain.

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