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ABAP definicja SAP Advertising Management for Classified Ads. Co znaczy SAP for Media solution.
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Definicja SAP Advertising Management for Classified Ads

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Application component in the SAP for Media solution, which includes the IS-M/AMC User Interface (UI) and IS-M/AMC Server components.

IS-M/AMC UI is an editor that offers you two options for entering ad content: You enter ad content in the editor directly in the editor mode. You can format characters, paragraphs and text blocks, and insert borders and graphics to design the ad text. A style defines the options available to you for designing the ad text. IS-M/AMC UI generates the ad content using a template in the template mode. The system inserts the ad content attributes that have been entered in the panel group in the placeholders in the ad text. Ad content is validated, saved and made available for production in IS-M/AMC Server

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