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ABAP definicja SAP Cryptographic Library. Co znaczy provided by SAP to use for encryption with SAP.
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Definicja SAP Cryptographic Library

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Default security product provided by SAP to use for encryption with SAP Systems.

The SAP Cryptographic Library not only supports the use of digital signatures in SAP Systems, but also provides for encryption. You can use it for example, as the security provider for Secure Network Communications (SNC) or for using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with the SAP Web Application Server.

The SAP Cryptographic Library is available for download from SAP. However, because the library includes encryption routines, its distribution is subject to and controlled by German export regulations and may not be available to all customers. The library may also be subject to local regulations of your own country that may further restrict the import, use and (re-)export of cryptographic software.

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