reporting tabular co to jest
ABAP definicja tabular reporting. Co znaczy dimensional tables, that is, the analysis is restricted.
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Definicja tabular reporting

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Reporting based on one-dimensional tables, that is, the analysis is restricted to one dimension and its attributes.

Unlike with OLAP reporting, when you design a query, you can arrange the columns as you want in the tabular editor mode of the BEx Query Designer. For example, you can place a column for a characteristic between two columns for key figures. The column display is fixed and is specified at design time. The interactive options are restricted to filtering, filtering and drilling down according to, sorting according to, and navigating in hierarchies. Unlike in OLAP reporting, navigation functions that change the geometry of the tabular list, that is, that change the number and order of columns, for example, by swapping or adding a drilldown, are not available in tabular reporting.

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