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ABAP definicja VAS material. Co znaczy for carrying out certain value-added services for the goods.
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Definicja VAS material

Co znaczy:

Special material only used for carrying out certain value-added services for the goods upon request of the customer.

VAS materials are to be created in all AFS views in the material master,but are not to be assigned a grid or coverage strategy. VAS materials are generally free of charge items in the sales document. They can be calculated with the price markup billed to the customer for the execution of the complete value-added service (e.g. applying labels including the labels used for this).

VAS materials can be, depending on the type of value-added service,

customer defined labels or labels produced especially for certain ticketing/labeling procedures customer defined packing elements or packing elements especially produced for certain packing procedures special materials that are necessary for the execution of other special services

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