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ABAP definicja vehicle (IS-A-VMS). Co znaczy represents an individual vehicle of a business partner.
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Definicja vehicle (IS-A-VMS)

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Object in the SAP system that represents an individual vehicle of a business partner or a customer.

You can create vehicles in SAP DIMP in the Vehicle Management System (VMS) or in SAP CRM.

In VMS, you can create a vehicle for a vehicle model. A configuration is always created for this vehicle. The characteristics in the configuration may have been assigned all values, some values or no value at all. The vehicle can be uniquely identified by its batch, valuation type, or vehicle identification number (VIN). In SAP CRM, you can display or edit information on attributes such as the exterior color, or information on business partners or the history of the vehicle. You can identify a vehicle uniquely by its vehicle identification number (VIN), the vehicle number plate or an alternative vehicle identification

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