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ABAP definicja volume correction factor (IS-U-BI-SF-GA). Co znaczy of a gas to its operating volume.
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Definicja volume correction factor (IS-U-BI-SF-GA)

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Ratio of the standard volume of a gas to its operating volume.

Using the volume correction factor, a current operating volume can be converted into a physical standard volume. This is required when the energy content is to be calculated from the calorific value of the gas, which always refers to the standard volume.

Formula for volume correction factor (VCF):

VCF = Ts * (Pamb + Peff) / (T * Ps * DF)

(Ts = 273.15 K, Pamb = air pressure, Peff = gauge pressure of gas meter, T = gas temperature, Ps = 1.01325 bars, DF = gas law deviation factor)

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