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Jak użyć ADDRESSES? Definicja w konsoli dump the addresses from the address book to stdout. Part of.
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Uruchomienie, wykonanie: addresses [-p port]

Jak działa ADDRESSES, co robi ADDRESSES: Connect to the PalmOS device on the specified port, and dump the addresses from the address book to stdout. Part of the pilot-link package of tools for managing PalmOS devices

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Definicja Update configure scripts by running autoconf , autoheader , aclocal , automake , and libtoolize in specified directories and subdirectories. This command is seldom invoked manually. It is usually co znaczy.
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Definicja System administration command. Normally started in a system startup file. Execute jobs queued by the at command krzyżówka.
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Definicja Create GNU standards-compliant Makefile.in files from Makefile.am template files and can be used to ensure that projects contain all the files and install options required to be standards-compliant co to jest.
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Definicja administration command. Instruct printing system to accept jobs for the specified print queue or queues. Depending on queue settings, the system may prompt for a password. Also invoked as cupsaccept słownik.
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Definicja List the user's pending jobs, unless the user is a privileged user; in that case, list everybody's jobs. Same as at -l , and related to batch and atrm czym jest.

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