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Jak użyć ATRM? Definicja w konsoli Delete jobs that have been queued for future execution. Same as.
Znaczenie komenda atrm użycie atrm definicja.

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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć atrm

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: atrm [options] job [job...]

Jak działa ATRM, co robi ATRM: Delete jobs that have been queued for future execution. Same as at -d

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie ATRM: -q queue

Remove job from the specified queue.


Print the version number and then exit.

Co znaczy :
Definicja Connect to the PalmOS device on the specified port, and dump the addresses from the address book to stdout. Part of the pilot-link package of tools for managing PalmOS devices co to jest.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Package Tool , the Debian package management system. A freely available packaging system for software distribution and installation. For detailed information on apt and its commands, see Chapter 5 definicja.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Records sound using ALSA. Accepts the same arguments and options as aplay co znaczy.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Play MIDI files using the ALSA sound system; output is to ALSA sequencer ports słownik.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Audio mixer tool. Run without any options or arguments for an ncurses-based interactive mode znaczenie.

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