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Jak użyć ID? Definicja w konsoli group ID, effective user ID and group ID if relevant, and.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć id

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: id [options] [username]

Jak działa ID, co robi ID: Display information about yourself or another user: user ID, group ID, effective user ID and group ID if relevant, and additional group IDs

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie ID: -g, --group

Print group ID only.

-G, --groups

Print supplementary groups only.

-n, --name

With -u, -g, or -G, print user or group name, not number.

-r, --real

With -u, -g, or -G, print real, not effective, user ID or group ID.

-u, --user

Print user ID only.


Print help message and then exit.


Print version information.

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Definicja administration command. Remove interprocess communication (IPC) message queues, shared memory segments, or semaphore arrays. These may be specified either by numeric identifier or by key, using the co to jest.
Co znaczy :
Definicja about ISO9660 images. You can use isoinfo to list the contents of an image, extract a file, or generate a find -like file list. The -i option is required to specify the image to examine definicja.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Interactive Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) server daemon . imapd is invoked by xinetd and listens on port 143 for requests from IMAP clients. IMAP allows mail programs to access remote mailboxes as if co znaczy.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Convert the contents of one or more files from one character encoding to another and write the results to standard output słownik.
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Definicja System administration command. Initialize system. Usually run from the boot loader—e.g., lilo or grub znaczenie.

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