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Jak użyć MAKEMAP? Definicja w konsoli by sendmail in keyed map lookups. makemap will read from.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć makemap

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: makemap [options] type name

Jak działa MAKEMAP, co robi MAKEMAP: System administration command. Create database maps for use by sendmail in keyed map lookups. makemap will read from standard input and create a database file of type type with filename name.db. If the TrustedUser option is set in /etc/sendmail.cf and makemap is invoked as root, the ouput file will be owned by TrustedUser.

Input should be formatted as:

key value

Comment lines with #. Indicate parameter substitution with %n. Specify a literal % character by entering it twice: %%. The type may be btree or hash

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie MAKEMAP: -c size

Specify hash or B-Tree cache size.

-C file

Look up TrustedUser in the specified sendmail configuration file.


Allow duplicate entries. Valid only with btree type maps.

-D x

Treat x as the comment marker instead of #.


Allow empty value data fields.


Suppress conversion of uppercase to lowercase.


List supported map types.


Append the zero-byte string terminator specified in sendmail's configuration file to mapped entries.


Append to existing file instead of replacing it.


If some keys already exist, replace them. (By default, makemap will exit when encountering a duplicated key.)


Ignore safety checks.

-t delimiter

Use delimiter instead of whitespace.


Undo a map: print out the specified database file, one entry per line.


Verbose mode.

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