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Jak użyć SCREEN? Definicja w konsoli to run multiple full-screen pseudo-terminals from one real.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć screen

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: screen [options] [command [args] ]

Jak działa SCREEN, co robi SCREEN: Provide ANSI/VT100 terminal emulation, making it possible to run multiple full-screen pseudo-terminals from one real terminal, and letting you manipulate and save your screen input and output, copy and paste between windows, etc

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie SCREEN: -a

Include all capabilities in each window's termcap.


Adapt all windows to the size of the current terminal. Default is to try to use the previous window size.

-c file

Use file as the configuration file instead of the default $HOME/.screenrc.


Detach session running elsewhere. With -r, reattach to this terminal. With -R, reattach to this terminal or create it if it doesn't already exist. With -RR, use the first session when reattaching if more than one session is available.


Detach session running elsewhere, logging out before detaching. With -r, reattach to this terminal. With -R, reattach to this terminal or create it if it doesn't already exist. With -RR, do whatever is necessary to create a new session.

-e xy

Change command characters. Specify x as the command character (default Ctrl-a) and y as the character that generates a literal command character (default a). Specify in caret notation (e.g., -e ^Pp to set Ctrl-p as the command character, which is useful for emacs-mode shell ).

-f, -fn, -fa

Turn flow control on, off, or to automatic-switching mode.

-h num

Specify the size of the history scrollback buffer.


Cause the interrupt key (usually Ctrl-c) to interrupt the display immediately when flow control is on. Use of this option is discouraged.

-l, -ln

Turn login mode on or off for /etc/utmp updating.

-ls, -list

Print list of pid.tty.host strings identifying screen sessions.


Tell screen that automargin terminal has a writable last position.


Ignore the $STY environment variable and create a new session. With -d, start session in detached mode; useful for scripts. With -D, start session in detached mode but don't fork a new process; the command exits if the session terminates.


Use optimal output mode for terminal rather than true VT100 emulation.

-p window

Preselect the specified window if it exists.


Suppress error message printing on startup. Exit with nonzero return code if unsuccessful.

-r [pid.tty.host]
-r sessionowner/[pid.tty.host]

Resume detached session. No other options except -d or -D can be specified. With sessionowner, resume another user's detached session; requires setuid root.


Attempt to resume the first session found, or start a new session with the specified options. Set by default if screen is run as a login shell.

-s shell

Set the default shell, overriding the $SHELL environment variable.

-S name

Specify a name for the session being started.

-t name

Set the window's title.

-T term

Set $TERM to term instead of "screen".


Run in UTF-8 mode and set the default for new windows to UTF-8.ctrl.


Print version information and exit.

-wipe [match]

Like -ls, but remove destroyed sessions instead of marking them dead. If a match is specified, it should be in the same form as the argument to the -r option.


Attach to a session that is not detached. Requires multi-display mode.


Run specified command in specified session. Requires multi-display mode, and session must not be password-protected.

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