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Jak użyć SENDMAIL? Definicja w konsoli agent (MTA) or, more simply, a mail router. It accepts mail.
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Uruchomienie, wykonanie: sendmail [flags] [address...]

Jak działa SENDMAIL, co robi SENDMAIL: System administration command. sendmail is a mail transfer agent (MTA) or, more simply, a mail router. It accepts mail from a user's mail program, interprets the mail address, rewrites the address into the proper form for the delivery program, and routes the mail to the correct delivery program

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Definicja Generate, manage, and convert authentication keys for ssh . When using ssh-keygen to create a key, the -t option must be specified to identify the type of key to create co znaczy.
Co znaczy :
Definicja administration command. Assign a keycode event to the specified keyboard scancode . The kernel matches these to its own keycodes. Scancodes in the range of 1-88 are hardwired in the kernel, but the krzyżówka.
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Definicja identities to the authentication agent (see ssh-agent ), which must be running and must be an ancestor of the current process. ssh-add reads the files created by ssh-keygen for private keys. It reads co to jest.
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Definicja Display kernel slab cache information in real time. slabtop displays a listing of the top caches as sorted by a given sort criteria słownik.
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Definicja System administration command. See sysklogd czym jest.

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