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Jak użyć SHRED? Definicja w konsoli Overwrite a file to make the contents unrecoverable, and delete.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć shred

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: shred [options] files

Jak działa SHRED, co robi SHRED: Overwrite a file to make the contents unrecoverable, and delete the file afterward if requested

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie SHRED: -

Shred standard output.

-f, --force

Force permissions to allow writing to files.


Print help message and exit.

-nnum, --iterations=num

Overwrite files num times (default is 25).

-snum, --size=num

Shred num bytes. num can be expressed with suffixes (e.g., K, M, or G).

-u, --remove

Remove file after overwriting. shred does not remove the file unless this option is specified.

-v, --verbose

Verbose mode.


Print version information and exit.

-x, --exact

Shred the exact file size; do not round up to the next full block.

-z, --zero

On the final pass, overwrite with zeros to hide the shredding.

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