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Jak użyć SYSLOGD? Definicja w konsoli System administration command. See sysklogd. Wywołanie.
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Uruchomienie, wykonanie: syslogd

Jak działa SYSLOGD, co robi SYSLOGD: System administration command. See sysklogd

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Co znaczy :
Definicja with an automatic document feeder (ADF), which can return multiple documents. The images are written to output files specified by the --outputfile option. scanadf uses the SANE interface to access co znaczy.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Find differences between the two files from and to and merge interactively, writing the results to outfile krzyżówka.
Co znaczy :
Definicja calls and signals for command with optional arguments . strace shows you how data is passed between the program and the kernel. With no options, strace prints a line for each system call. It shows co to jest.
Co znaczy :
Definicja administration command. sendmail is a mail transfer agent (MTA) or, more simply, a mail router. It accepts mail from a user's mail program, interprets the mail address, rewrites the address into słownik.
Co znaczy :
Definicja the LED flag settings (Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock) for the current virtual terminal. With no options, display the current settings for all three flags. Can be used in a startup script to czym jest.

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