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Jak użyć TALKD? Definicja w konsoli notifies a user that somebody else wants to initiate a.
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Uruchomienie, wykonanie: talkd [options]

Jak działa TALKD, co robi TALKD: TCP/IP command. Remote user communication server. talkd notifies a user that somebody else wants to initiate a conversation. A talk client initiates a rendezvous by sending a CTL_MSG of type LOOK_UP to the server. This causes the server to search its invitation tables for an existing invitation for the client. If the lookup fails, the caller sends an ANNOUNCE message, causing the server to broadcast an announcement on the callee's login ports requesting contact. When the callee responds, the local server responds with the rendezvous address, and a stream connection is established through which the conversation takes place

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie TALKD: -d

Write debugging information to the syslogd logfile.


Log malformed packets to /var/log/talkd.packets.

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