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ABAP definicja AcceleratedSAP. Co znaczy implementing and continually optimizing SAP software.
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Definicja AcceleratedSAP

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A standard methodology for implementing and continually optimizing SAP software efficiently.

AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) supports the implementation of the SAP system and of components and can also be used for upgrade projects. It provides a wide range of tools to suport all stages of an implementation project, from project planning to the continual improvement of the SAP system.

The two key tools in ASAP are the Implementation Assistant and the Question and Answer database (Q;Adb):

The Implementation Assistant contains the ASAP Roadmap, and provides a structured framework for an implementation, optimization or upgrade project. The Q;Adb allows you to set your project scope and generate your Business Blueprint using the SAP Reference Structure as a basis.

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