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ABAP definicja account assignment type (PY). Co znaczy information from the payroll result to.
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Definicja account assignment type (PY)

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Controls the transfer of information from the payroll result to Accounting

A number of wage types, which the system should post to a certain account, are assigned to a symbolic account in Customizing. The symbolic account is assigned to an account in Financial Accounting. The account assignment type of the symbolic account determines:

The type of posting (for example, posting to expense accounts, debit posting, credit posting) and the process that the system uses in table T030 (Standard Account Table) to search for the assigned account in Accounting Which information the system should transfer to Accounting and from which table in the payroll result this information should be taken Example

For posting to expense accounts (account assignment type C), the system checks in the payroll result whether additional account assignment information is available in tables C0 (Cost Distribution) and C1 (Cost Assignment from Different Infotypes).

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