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ABAP definicja account symbol (FS-AM-IM). Co znaczy character placeholder for a general ledger.
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Definicja account symbol (FS-AM-IM)

Co znaczy:

Alphanumeric, maximum ten-character placeholder for a general ledger account in the FI system that you want postings to be made to in the context of transfer of the posting data from the Account Management (AM) system.

By using account symbols in the area of general ledger update, if the number systematics of the chart of accounts changes, you can change the stored general ledger account without having to change the documents in the AM system. This is possible because all G/L account-related information is stored in the AM system at account symbol level. On the general ledger itself, the transfer postings required if the G/L account assigned to a given account symbol changes must be made manually.

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