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ABAP definicja action (CRM-BTX). Co znaczy action) or task that is designed for reacting to a.
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Definicja action (CRM-BTX)

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A planned activity (follow-up action) or task that is designed for reacting to a situation. The action is created in the transaction document or depending on a rule (action profile) for the transaction. Actions can be determined both at the header level of the transaction for the whole transaction and also for individual items. Actions can be

scheduled (type of action and start requirement) started (manually or automatically) monitored

An action can be implemented by a person, group of people or a system in the background.

Example 1: When you create a complaint, a credit memo item is created and ensures that the warehouse stock is sorted.

Example 2: A month before a contract expires, the responsible sales employee receives an activity with the category 'telephone' in his inbox to remind him to ring the customer and find out whether they wish to renew their contract.

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