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ABAP definicja action type (SCM-APO-ATP). Co znaczy determine the rule strategy. The action type.
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Definicja action type (SCM-APO-ATP)

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Activation parameter used to determine the rule strategy.

The action type corresponds to the manipulation technique of the calling transaction. Possible manipulation techniques include creating, changing, and copying.

These values are hard-coded in the SAP R/3 System and are transferred to SAP APO from the calling application. The values are assigned by the SAP R/3 sales order, the SAP CRM sales order, and backorder processing in SAP APO as follows:

Create: A Change: B Copy: C

In the case of stock transfers in SAP R/3, the value for the action type remains initial.

You can use your own values for simulations on the SAP APO server.

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