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ABAP definicja advanced macro. Co znaczy with which complex spreadsheet calculations can be.
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Definicja advanced macro

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Tool in APO Demand Planning with which complex spreadsheet calculations can be performed quickly and easily. The high flexibility of the advanced macros allows planners to model their planning environment based on individual business tasks. The tool includes features to:

- Control how macro steps are processed through control instructions and conditions

- Build a macro consisting of one or more steps

- Control how macro results are calculated through control instructions

- Use a wide range of functions and operators

- Define offsets so that, for example, the result in one period is determined by a value in the previous period

- Restrict the horizon in which the macro is executed to a specific period or periods

- Write macro results to a row, column, or cell

- Write the results of one macro step to a row, column, cell or variable

- Analyze forecasting or business data at a glance via special identifying icons

- Create context- and user-specific planning views

- Trigger an alert in the Alert Monitor to inform the planner of particular business situations

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